Freelance Writing for beginners: the basics

This eBook teaches you the ins and outs of freelance writing and tips on starting a writing business as well as how to pitch and find clients. You’ll learn:


  • Whether or not freelance writing is right for you
  • Myths about freelance writing that discourage people from trying
  • Projects you can make money doing with no experience
  • How to create a portfolio
  • Freelance writing contracts for your employees
  • Tips on how to be a successful freelance writer

How to Be a Ghostwriter and Make Serious Money

This eBook teaches you everything you need to know about ghostwriting including:


  • What exactly a ghostwriter is
  • More about the ghostwriting industry
  • The pros and cons of ghostwriting
  • Types of content you can write as a ghostwriter
  • In-depth information on some of the hottest and most lucrative writing projects
  • Specialized topics that pay even more money
  • The groups and organizations you can join as a ghostwriter
  • Your ghostwriting website and the basic elements it needs
  • Creating a social media presence for your business
  • How to get paid as a ghostwriter
  • How to find ghostwriting jobs
  • How to find topics to write about
  • Crafting headlines that people actually want to click on