25 of the Best Gifts for Writers that Are Totally Unique (Updated 2021)

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A list of the best gifts for writers that aren’t your average present.

I guess you realize Christmas is fast approaching. Are you having problems finding the best gift for writers for the one in your life?

No two writers are the same, so the gift you pick should be unique as well. Just any old gift card won’t do so you’re probably looking for unique gifts for writers, right? You want a literary gift to show your favorite writer that you put a lot of thought into his or her gift.

Join me on this fun list of cool gifts for writers for any occasion. This post was really fun to create, and I hope you find something great to give your favorite writer.

1.   You Are a Badass, and You Are a Badass at Making Money-2 Book Collection

Now I know what you’re thinking. Writers are generally book lovers but books are common gifts, right? Oh, but this one is.

Jen Sincero writes about being a starving writer and how it took her years to realize she was the one stopping herself from making ridiculous amounts of money.

You are a Badass at Making Money and You are a Badass focus on how to be a better you and gives you tips to break the mindset keeping you poor. That mindset is keeping you from being the badass you’re truly supposed to be!

Her humor is refreshing, and she’s not pretentious. Anyone can relate to her story, and it inspires you to live your best life. Check out the book reviews, you’ll see.

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2. Shakespearean Insults Mug

This gift is probably my favorite on this list. It’s hilarious, and most writers will appreciate this type of humor. This Shakespearean Insults Mug isn’t just any coffee mug and will leave a smile on her face every time she drinks coffee or her favorite beverage from it.

Your writer will also think of you every time she uses it! Now she’ll have plenty of fun insults to sling at you. Thou art a boil! This writer mug will surely be a hit this holiday season.

3. Novel Teas

What goes better with a mug than tea, well besides coffee, that is. If the special writer in your life is a tea aficionado that Novel Teas is the perfect accompaniment to the Shakespearean Insults mug. Each English teabag is individually tagged with famous literary quotes from all over the world.

4. Fingerless Writing Gloves

If your favorite writer hasn’t read How to Be a Badass at Making Money and she’s keeping the heat set back to save money (or she’s cold-natured), these fingerless writing gloves are the perfect gift!

They come in different designs, but this one is for the writer who loves Edgar Allan Poe. Any avid reader in your home will probably like them too. Fingerless gloves are certainly a unique gift.

5. Custom Wax Seal

Now I think that this wax seal set is cool. For those who still like to communicate with old-school snail mail, it’s a cute idea. This Mceal Wax Seal Stamp has an old-world look that many writers will love. Many couples use a wax seal for their wedding invitations. It appeals to the romantic in all of us.

quotation mark earrings
Photo courtesy of 11pixeli

6. Quotation Mark Stud Earrings

These Quotation Mark Earrings are a neat gift for your favorite wordsmith. They appeal to a majority of people but are unique enough that none of her friends will have a pair.  

They have a finish that makes them look older, and aren’t too large to wear. People who buy them love them because they are handmade and one of a kind while looking very professional. Check out the other beautiful earrings in the 11pixeli shop.

7. The Living Well Planner

What writer with a million writing projects in the works wouldn’t love a planner? There are two planners that I really love because they really help you map out goals and achieve them.

Plus, they come with fun stickers, and everyone loves stickers! Well, most people anyway. My two faves are Erin Condren and Ruth Soukup’s Living Well Spending Less planner. These two planners are unique and fun to use.

The Erin Condren planners allow you to customize them, and they have tons of design choices. Ruth’s planner is the one I use now. There aren’t as many cover designs, but this planner fits my needs and is quite robust with setting goals.

There are pages dedicated to your yearly goals, and then each month has several pages that help you set small goals that bring you closer to achieving your big goals for the year.

typewriter key necklace
Photo courtesy of EvaGiftedHands

8. Typewriter Key Monogram Necklace

EvaGiftedHands sells these cute necklaces on Etsy. A customized gift shows you put a lot of thought into it, and this is a great present that will make your writer’s friends jealous. Of course, hardly anyone uses typewriters anymore, but that doesn’t matter because most of us associate writers with typewriters. They tend to go hand in hand.

The necklaces are handmade with a lobster claw closure and people are raving about them.

This artist has thousands of positive reviews on Etsy for well-made products and fantastic service. EvaGiftedHands has other fabulous gifts to consider as well, so you may want to stock up on gifts for her birthday, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.


9. The Gift of a Domain Name and Web Hosting

Now you need to be careful when buying a domain name for your writer. It’s probably one of those gifts that won’t be a surprise because they’ll need to have input on a domain they want to use as a blog or freelance writing website.

But a domain name and web hosting make this list of the best gifts for writers because it’s incredibly important if your favorite writer doesn’t have a professional website and blog yet or if she wants to change hers.

You can purchase hosting as well. Bluehost offers hosting for as low as $2.95, and they’re one of the most popular services. The Bluehost web hosting package also comes with a free domain name for a year and a free SSL certificate. (The SSL certificate is expensive.

If your try to add it later; it can be quite pricey.) It’s a practical gift but also one that shows your favorite writer that you support her.

SiteGround is another great web host that offers the same things as Bluehost. The biggest difference between the two is that SiteGround is faster which is better for SEO.

Namehero is another great web hosting company that’s almost as cheap as Bluehost but is an even better hosting company. Many seasoned bloggers are recommending Namehero now.

Bluehost is perfectly fine for beginner bloggers because it offers the best price on web hosting. SiteGround and Namehero are even better and I personally would go with the two later.

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10. Desk Organizer

If your writer’s desk looks like mine (like a bomb dropped on it), then a desk organizer is the perfect gift. But don’t just get any desk organizer. This rose gold organizer is beautiful and timeless.

It provides a touch of glamour while keeping everything where she can find it. An organized desk saves time and increases productivity, so she’ll get that writing project done faster.

Every writer needs an office or dedicated space to work on projects so a desk organizer makes one of the best gifts for writers. An organized space increases efficiency and productivity.

best gifts for writers computer keyboard with hot pink candle, pictures of presents

11. Books About Writing

Now no list of the best gifts for writers would be complete without a good book about writing. I don’t know a single writer that doesn’t like to read. In fact, if someone claims to be a writer but doesn’t like to read, that’s suspicious.

Books about writing are one of the best gifts for writers on any occasion like this Stephen King one, On Writing. Choose ones related to the work she does, and you’ll be helping her hone her craft. She’ll be thrilled to improve her skills and have something to read at night before she goes to bed.

mightier pen pin
Photo Courtesy of RockCakes

12. Mightier Pen

We’ve all heard the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword,” and this Mightier Pen pin is something cute to pin on a jacket or blouse. You can even pin to a book bag or satchel. This pin is handmade and comes in a few different colors that are feminine and pretty.

Your writer will love this pin because it truly makes a statement and solidifies his or her position as a writer. Heck get two different colors, and so they can wear them with different outfits. You’ll see that the reviews illustrate that people who got this unique gift are thrilled.

13. Waterproof Notepad

As a writer, I keep a notepad by my bed or use my phone to enter blog post or story ideas as they come to me. That can be anywhere anytime, even in the shower.

Whoever thought of the waterproof notebook is a genius. Everyone mulls over things in the shower and no list of the best gifts for writers would be complete without a waterproof notebook. It’s the only alone time some people get. Now when the writer in your life gets an idea in the shower, she’ll have a place to write it down for later.

14. The Storymatic Game

This game is a fun way to spark inspiration for any writer, so it’s one of the best Christmas gifts. Writer Brian Mooney created Storymatic for a fiction workshop at the Marlboro College in Vermont. Eventually, he started using it with the high school students he taught.

To create a story, draw two gold-colored cards to reveal the characteristics of your story’s heroine or hero. Then the copper cards provide the motivation or situation that moves your tale along.

These little cards may jumpstart your inspiration and help you beat any writer’s block. What better way to spark your imagination than a game like Storymatic.

Dead Poets Perfume
Photo credit Immortal Perfumes

15. Immortal Perfumes-Dead Writers Perfume

I love history, and I love books, and nothing smells better than antique books and leather. That’s precisely what the Dead Writers Perfume smells like.

The smell is reminiscent of sitting in an old chair, reading a story written by a long-dead author. It contains notes of vanilla, tobacco, black tea, heliotrope, musk, clove, and vetiver. It will make your favorite writer want to curl up with a cup of her favorite tea or coffee and a good book.

fountain pen quill earrings
Photo Courtesy of PiecesOfII

16. Antique Fountain Pen-Shakespeare Earrings

Even though the trusty fountain pen hasn’t been used as the only writing implement in centuries, it’s still another universal symbol of the writer. Like the antique books and typewriters, fountain pens go hand in hand with writers and their projects. These cute fountain pen earrings definitely make one of the best gifts for the writer in your life.

These beautiful earrings are crafted from antique fountain pen nibs from the 1800s which make them even more special and rare. Whether you love books, you’re a teacher, writer, or treasure antiques, these earrings are the perfect gift to add to your wish list.

I even have them in my cart right now because they had me sold at antique. What an amazing gift for Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays.

17. Accoutrements Famous Writer Action Figures

Who needs Superman or Aquaman when you have Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, or Jane Austen? After all, there’s a writer behind every hero so these famous writer action figures are a fun gift.

These renowned literary geniuses penned the stories we love today, and that will be remembered for centuries to come. Perhaps your writer will be the next famous author to join the likes of other modern writers such as Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, and many more.

18. Library of Congress Catalog Notecard Set

Going along with the theme of our list of gifts, this nifty Library of Congress Catalog Notecard Set will thrill your writer. It’s a neat way to organize her storylines and plots that is a reproduction of the old cards utilized to organize library classics. It’s a great addition to any office or library in your home.

les miserables clutch
Photo courtesy of NovelCreations

19. Les Miserables Book Clutch

Novel Creations clutches are seriously cute. These clutches are in the shape of a classic book and you can choose the style of handles and buttons that you want. They’re dainty and pretty, and the outside looks like the hardcover of an antique book. You can even add a pocket that holds credit cards.

The purse measures 9 inches by 6 inches with a 3-inch bottom. The pages have been removed and replaced with a black cotton fabric lining. While the picture above illustrates Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, the shop owner offers other titles too so you can pick one of your writer’s favorite books. It’s truly a rare gift that people who bought adore.

20. Cookbooks Inspired by Literary Classics

Does the writer in your life also know her way around a kitchen? Then a cookbook inspired by her favorite novels would be the perfect gift for a writer who loves to cook.

There’s the Outlander Kitchen: The Official Outlander Companion Cookbook, A Feast of Ice and Fire, The Little House Cookbook, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, and more.

21. First Lines Literature Mug

Another mug! You can never have too many coffee (or tea) mugs, especially if you’re a writer as most either drink tea, coffee, or both. This mug has the first lines from some of literature’s greats From Anna Karenina to Slaughterhouse-Five. Any writer would love to take a break or wind down with this mug.

22. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Shot Glasses

More drinkware! Except these shot glasses are for when you need something a little stronger than coffee. Each set includes six 2 oz. colorful shot glasses.

No one knows the true origins of the Unemployed Philosophers Guild. Some say it dates to Athens in the last half of the 4th century BCE. Others say it originated in 1211 when Pope Innocent the III censured publications.

Regardless of its origins, taking some shots of your favorite alcoholic beverage may relieve some stress or enhance your creativity. Just make sure to do the editing AFTER you’re sober.

23. Humorous Writers Clock

You can use this gift along with many others on this list. Each hour gives you a task like edit, drink heavily, cry, consider a new career, and more. She can place this Writers Clock on the wall near her desk and look at it every time she needs help figuring out what to do next. She may be tempted to leave it stopped on a couple of these time slots.

24. The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Game

Your favorite writer will love this game because she can play with family and friends. It’s one of those unique, great gifts for writers that she will remember forever.

This game is based on The New Yorker Caption Contest. It includes 200 original cartoons that you and the other players use to create captions.

It’s for players 14 and up, but really you can customize it for all ages and make it family-friendly or not so family-friendly. For each round, you choose a different judge who picks a winner and then he or she reads the original response and sees who’s was funnier, the original or the winner.

The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Game is fun for everyone!

25. Editing Software

Editing software is one of the best gifts for writers because it’s a necessity. There are several on the market. I’ve used both Grammarly and Auto Crit, and they’re both solid choices.

I use Grammarly for my freelance writing projects and have used Auto Crit in the past as a novel editing software. Other editing software includes ProWritingAid and SmartEdit.

Becoming a writer is both a calling and a gift in itself. Not everyone can do it so show your favorite writer some love by getting her this gift. It’s also one of the best gifts for aspiring writers.

best gift for writers holiday opt-in

Final Thoughts on the Best Gifts for Writers

I hope this list has given you some great ideas for finding the best presents for writers. Now you can buy her something a little more creative than a notepad and pens. Although a notebook and pens are always useful, she’ll appreciate the extra thought you put into her gift.

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The best gifts or writers and freelancers this year.

25 of the Best Gifts for Writers that Are Totally Unique (Updated 2021)25 of the Best Gifts for Writers that Are Totally Unique (Updated 2021)25 of the Best Gifts for Writers that Are Totally Unique (Updated 2021)25 of the Best Gifts for Writers that Are Totally Unique (Updated 2021)

40 thoughts on “25 of the Best Gifts for Writers that Are Totally Unique (Updated 2021)”

  1. I’ve never heard of fingerless writing gloves, but it would help when my hands can’t be under a blanket because I’m writing. Thank you!

  2. Omgggggg i love the list. Everyone knows how addicted to mugs I am and those look soooo cool “gotta get myself some”

    Thanks for the list i will get myself few for sure.

  3. LOVE the Bluehost idea! Ever since I started blogging, my fiance gifts me things I need for my blog so receiving a domain as a gift, would be sooo helpful for anyone wanting to pursue blogging ♥

    1. Awwww what a good fiance! I think it totally shows he supports you which is important as a blogger. So, many significant others just don’t get it.

  4. Oh my goodness do I need that waterproof notepad!!! I always come up with my best ideas in the shower and had no idea this existed! Going on my list today since my birthday is next week.

  5. Tinashe Jaricha

    Such great and thoughtful ideas. I love the clock, fingerless writing gloves and quotation mark earrings❤️Thank you for sharing!

  6. What a wonderful list of unique gift ideas! As a blogger, I know many writers and reporters who would be delighted by any of these items. They make great gifts for avid readers, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. So many unique ideas on this list! Personally I would love some editing software or a planner! I’m so disorganized and find it hard to stick to a schedule!
    Another great idea is a writing prompt book. A friend gifted me one once. Each page has short sentences/questions to prompt your writing. I still use it and find it really handy… especially when I have writers block!

  8. Love this list! I have both of Jen Sincero’s books and they are great.The desk organizer is also so pretty! Maybe I should gift myself with the Stephen King book lol. Read just good things about it! Thank you 🙂

  9. Normally these gift lists never impress me. Almost always I scroll through thinking nope, nope, nope. This list is different. Maybe because I like writing but I think you really included some great suggestions.

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  11. This is a fantastic collection ! So many different products and with the various pricing, I am sure to find something for the book writer and book readers in my life! My favorite is the Library Notecard set !!!!

  12. The fingerless gloves remind me I started knitting a pair awhile ago I need to finish. I was going to write, I wasn’t a writer, but then I remembered hey I write posts for my blog, that makes me a writer too! Haha. The typewriter key monogram necklace is such a cool, interesting, gift idea.

  13. Wow. So many useful and fun gifts for writers. My favorite has to be the shot glasses. But, you have listed a ton of great ideas with reasonable price tags. I am adding a few to my Christmas List.

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