12 of the Ultimate Gift Ideas for Aspiring Writers This Year

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Christmas Day is just around the corner, and if you have a writer on your list, you want to make sure to find the perfect gift. But not just any boring gift ideas for aspiring writers will do. You want to find a unique and fun gift that ensures you’re his favorite child for years to come!

Ok, maybe that’s a bit too dramatic, but a great writer’s gift will surely win his heart, whether he is a novice or experienced writer. And it’s the perfect way to show your writer just how much you care. Now, on to those gift ideas for aspiring writers.

1.      The Funny Coffee Mug

You may have seen the funny Shakespearian insults coffee mug in my article on the best gifts for writers on any occasion. This is another fun mug, which makes it one of my favorite gift ideas for aspiring writers for any special occassion.

While a coffee mug may not seem unique but this one certainly is. You should keep your writer happy or you may end up killed off in a novel!

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Library of Congress Stamp Gift ideas for Aspiring writers
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2. Personalized Book Stamp

Another great one of many nifty gift ideas for aspiring writers is a personalized stamp for your aspiring writer’s books that says, “From the Library of.” All great writers love books, and so a stamp ensures that anyone who borrows them remembers where they came from. Of course, that can’t make them return it, though. Who else do you know that has their own library stamp?

Chelsey has amazing reviews and people love this personalized library stamp. She also has other unique customized stamps that would make any avid reader, writer, or teacher in your life happy.

3.      A Standing Desk

Writers spend many days at their desks or tables, and sitting can get old and can make you stiff. But with a standing desk, you can adjust it so that you can stand or sit. It allows you to get up and stretch while still diligently working on your latest project.

There are standing desks available for every budget, but this Vivo one is a favorite of many. It’s stylish and roomy as well as the perfect addition to every home office, which is why it’s one of my favorite gift ideas for aspiring writers and pros.

4.      Garner’s Modern English Usage Book

While I am not a fan of “incorrect” words such as “irregardless,” (a pet peeve of mine) unfortunately, some are here to stay. So, with that said, here is another great gift idea for aspiring writers- Garner’s Modern English Usage book. If you can’t beat them, join them, right? Besides, it’s the 21st century, so any writer should at least have a book to look up the urban words he’s never heard of before.

5.      The Elements of Style- English Writing Style Guide

If you still want something old school beside Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, here is a very popular English writing style guide, The Elements of Style. Many university and high school composition classes use this book, and it was one of the first ones recommended to me by other writers. Depending on how old your writer is, she may prefer one or the other, but you can buy him both just in case.

6.      AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting Course

If you want to go all-in, here is a popular course/eBook from American Writers and Artists Institute, called the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. As a member of AWAI, I can tell you that they create quality content, courses, and programs.

While the writer in your life may not want only to write sales letters, copywriting is much more than that. In fact, copywriting is used in many aspects of blogs and businesses, and it involves the psychology of writing and appealing to peoples’ emotions to get more clicks. Whether it’s an opt-in page, a sales page, blog post, or email to your list, copywriting is a much-needed writing skill and another one of the great gift ideas for aspiring writers.  

7.      The War of Art Book

Writers of all experience levels deal with rejection and lack of confidence. It’s essential as a writer to overcome your fears and build your self-esteem. This motivating book won’t baby him but firmly advise him on how to break through the barriers that restrict him. Since success is so important to your writers, The War of Art makes the list of my favorite gift ideas for aspiring writers on any occasion.


8.      Litographs T-Shirt

Now you can get your dad a cool t-shirt with an illustration and approximately 40,000 words of his favorite book printed on it. Tiny words completely cover this incredibly soft, litographs t-shirt. There are many books to choose from, such as Outlander, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Nancy Drew, Moby Dick, and many more.

This book is a clever Father’s Day gift that is certainly unique. I can guarantee that his other friends don’t have a t-shirt like this one.

9.      Your Dad Stole My Rake!

When the title of a book is, Your Dad Stole My Rake!, it’s guaranteed to be a good time. This humorous book by comedian Tom Papa features hilarious stories about vindictive cats and family dilemmas. Papa explores the family tree and finds the most meaningful and bizarre aspects of all our lives.

Other comedians such as Jim Gaffigan and Jerry Seinfeld rave about the book, and you’re definitely going to laugh out loud. It’s a funny and touching gift for every father and especially one who is a writer.

gifts for aspiring writers

christmas gift ideas for writers

literary journal of the month

10.  Literary Journal of the Month Subscription

This present is one of the best gift ideas for aspiring writers because it will help your dad learn more about small magazines in the contemporary literary scene. There’s a wide variety of journals that publish creative non-fiction, poetry, and fiction from new and experienced writers. The magazine you receive changes every month, so your dad gains some inspiration and learns new things.

Subscriptions are for every month, every other month, or every three months. Since the journals change every month, dad will never get bored. If he already subscribes to some journals, you can let them know, and they’ll make sure to choose different ones.

11.  Library Card Coaster Set

The Library Card Coaster set is a great gift idea for an aspiring writer at Christmas or for her birthday. The coasters come in decorative wrapping and are sure to be a hit with all her friends and family. Plus, they bring back feelings of nostalgia for those of us that grew up using the library before digital devices existed (yes, I am old enough to remember the good old card catalog system).

There are other fun drink coasters, too, like the Pop Poe Coaster set that each purchase helps fund book donations and literacy programs in communities. And here are some Jane Austen book cover coasters.

12. A Fabulous Harry Potter Tie for Meetings

Harry Potter-need I say more? What better gift than a Harry Potter necktie. Your dad can wear it to online and in-person meetings. You may think a tie isn’t a very cool Father’s Day present, but it’s not just any tie. It’s a Harry Potter tie.

One of the best parts of the Harry Potter series is the story about the author. J. K. Rowling’s life is a real fairy tale. After a rocky relationship, she carried three chapters of the Harry Potter story with her in her suitcase when she moved with her young daughter to Edinburgh, Scotland. Jobless and poor, she had to rely on government assistance. Rowling became depressed and even thought about killing herself.

She spent her time in various cafes writing the story, but she was the biggest failure she knew. With many rejections from publishers, she finally sent her story to Bloomsbury in London. Bloomsbury published the first book in 1997 and she became a success almost overnight. That’s how Rowling introduced the Harry Potter story to the world.

But that’s what makes writers like your father special and unique. Writers toil over their tales and overcome the most significant obstacles to share their stories with the world.

So, it’s fitting that you find a unique gift for your favorite dad. A gift he’ll remember and think of you when he uses it. I hope you find a fantastic present on this list of gift ideas for aspiring writers and that are also great for the writing pro as well.

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12 of the Ultimate Gift Ideas for Aspiring Writers This Year12 of the Ultimate Gift Ideas for Aspiring Writers This Year

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