450+ Fun and Awesome Summer Blog Post Ideas for All Niches

Woman in a deal dress writing summer blog post ideas in her notebook
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Hundreds of summer blog post ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Are you looking for some blog post ideas to write for the summer season? As the weather gets warmer, school lets out, and people get in vacation mode, there are plenty of summer blog post ideas you can create content on in most niches.

But I know sometimes it can be hard to come up with topic ideas for your particular niche, so I wanted to write this article to give you some fun things to write about on your blog this summer.

From lifestyle bloggers to food bloggers to fashion and even those who write on business topics, as I do, you’ll find plenty of summer content ideas on this list to entertain and help your readers this summer break.

The Best Summer Season Blog Post Ideas to Write This Year

Whether you have writer’s block or just aren’t sure where to start, I know writing seasonal content can be a challenge, especially if you’re in a business-related niche. But trust me, coming up with summer blog posts can be challenging, no matter your niche.

I’ve taken the time to find some great summer blog posts and broken this list up into niches to help you find the perfect summer blog post ideas to write about. And as you go through them, it will likely help you think of some more.

If you’re still feeling stuck, consider how you could spin them for your niche. I used to struggle to find seasonal content ideas for running an online business, but it just took some creativity. For instance, I wrote a post for Christmas one year on how to maintain focus when working from home for the holidays.

Just think of the topics that would be helpful to your audience during the summer season. Do they need to entertain their kids, find vacation ideas, or plan the perfect summer party? Or perhaps they want the latest summer trends for fashion or could use some summer gardening tips.

Now let’s dive into the summer blog post ideas. These blog post ideas can help get those creative juices flowing.

woman in purple typing out summer blog post ideas

General or Lifestyle Summer Blog Post Ideas

Let’s start off with some general summer content ideas or blog posts that lifestyle bloggers and other content creators can write about. You don’t have to have a lifestyle blog to use these topic ideas; they can be adjusted for every niche.

Yes, anyone can come up with a few summer blog ideas to write the perfect summer blog post for your niche.

  1. Write a blog post on the reasons to love summertime
  2. A list of fun summer facts you never knew
  3. How to fall in love with summer even if you hate the heat
  4. The benefits of waking up early, even during the summer season, makes a great blog post idea.
  5. Top daily routines to follow during the summer
  6. Top fun things you should do this summer
  7. The best ideas for outdoor proposals during the summer
  8. Summer staycation ideas
  9. List the best things about the summer
  10. Top ideas for outdoor summer proposals
  11. Best summer date ideas
  12. Share the must-haves you always carry in your beach bag
  13. Write a blog post on tips on staying cool in the summer heat
  14. Share your top restaurants to eat at this summer
  15. Write a review of a local seafood restaurant or menu
  16. Create a guide to local lakes, beaches, waterparks, etc., in your area
  17. Write a review on the seasonal menu at one of your local restaurants
  18. How to spend the perfect summer day or evening
  19. Share your back-to-school routine or how to get the kids ready to go back to school after a long break.
  20. Create a list of books you want to read this summer.
  21. The best ideas for summer engagement/pregnancy announcements
  22. Write a blog post about your favorite summer Costo or Sam’s Club finds
  23. DIY summer decorations
  24. Top tips for hosting a summer party (think of ways to spin it like saving money, unique themes, etc.)
  25. How to make the most of your summer vacation is another great blog post idea.
  26. Share a list of local markets to check out this June/July/August
  27. Create a guide for attending a popular local event
  28. Share a list of budget-friendly activities to do during the summer
  29. Share a list of family-friendly activities to do during the summer
  30. Create a guide or list of low-maintenance summer plants that are easy to grow
  31. Write a blog post on tips for hosting a BBQ/dinner party/summer birthday party
  32. A list of themed recipe ideas like beach-themed, garden-themed, hot-themed, etc.
  33. Ways to create/ideas for matching family outfits for vacation
  34. Home improvement ideas to work on during warm weather
  35. Fun/economical things to do at home on summer/hot days
  36. Create a list of 10/20-30 best/fun/funny pool rafts and floaties
  37. Compare the best/natural/most popular sunscreens
  38. Share your top picks for eating locally during the summer months
  39. Create a summer seasonal bucket list for couples or singles
  40. Creating a blog post with a list of backyard staycation activities is perfect for people trying to save money or looking for vacation alternatives.
  41. Your summer goals for a living better life this year
  42. The hottest summer trends this year for your niche or audience
  43. The best songs to add to your summer playlist
  44. Best inspiring/motivational quotes and sayings about summer
  45. Reasons why summer is the best season
  46. Top tips for enjoying a staycation for summer vacation
  47. Your favorite things about the summer season
  48. Summer bucket list of goals to achieve
  49. Write about your seasonal dollar store/Walmart/favorite discount store haul.
  50. Best movies about summer
  51. Top movies to watch this summer
  52. Top summer Netflix movies/shows to watch this summer
  53. Best places to watch a drive-in movie in (your state, city, or country)
  54. A list of classic/horror/romantic movies to watch this summer
  55. Best summer movies every kid should watch
  56. Write about your favorite summer memories
  57. The ultimate beach party/vacation playlist
laptop to create a list of summer content ideas with a money jar

Personal Finance Summer Blog Post Ideas

Looking for personal finance content ideas? Summertime can be expensive with people going on family vacations, so there is no better time to teach people how to save or make money

  1. Write a blog post with tips for saving money on your summer vacation
  2. Tips for saving money on theme/water parks
  3. Free things to do in your locality this summer
  4. How to spend less on groceries during the summer
  5. How to save money on utilities when it’s hot outside
  6. How to earn extra money as an X (ideal customer client avatar like blogger, writer, crafter, freelancer, or mom)
  7. Creating a budget road trip travel guide with family/friends is another great blog post idea.
  8. How to use your credit card points for your summer family vacation
  9. How to save money on types of vacations like cruises, camping, cross-country trip, etc.
  10. How to save extra money on summer clothes
  11. How to save money on groceries
  12. Free museums and galleries you can visit in your city/state
  13. How not to blow your budget on vacation
  14. Tips for saving money while eating healthy
  15. Cheap landscaping ideas for any budget
  16. Best summer jobs for students/kids to make money
  17. Summer jobs for teachers to make extra money
  18. The ultimate guide to saving money during the summer
  19. Write a blog post on how to save money at your local farmer’s market.
  20. Write a summer blog post on why it’s the best time to save/invest money
  21. Best summer stocks to invest in
  22. X reasons why you should start a personal finance blog this summer
  23. Fun but frugal summer party ideas
  24. Free summer activities for families in your locality, state, country
  25. Inexpensive vacation destinations
  26. How to repurpose clothes to save extra money for a new summer season
beauty products and make up accessories on a pale pink background

Summer Beauty and Fashion Blog Post Ideas

Writing seasonal content for the beauty and fashion niche seems to be easier as seasonal trends make great topic ideas for these niches. You can find plenty of summer blog post ideas for your beauty or fashion blog, including the latest products, newest trends, best outfits, etc.

Here are some blog post ideas to get you started.

  1. Lightest makeup/clothing for hot days
  2. Tips on how to reduce shine and sweat on your face during the summer
  3. Write a blog post on what to wear to a casual summer wedding/party/barbecue ( I would read that right now).
  4. How to unclog your pores during the summer
  5. The best summer skincare routine for a healthy/fresh face
  6. Your Favorite brand’s summer clothing or makeup collection
  7. Your favorite summer Amazon finds
  8. Comfortable sandals that won’t melt on hot days
  9. Cute, comfortable sandals for any outfit
  10. Nail design ideas
  11. Best summer nail polishes/colors
  12. Stylish summer hats that look good while still protecting your skin
  13. Stylish clothing items and accessories that keep you cool and looking hot
  14. Stylish/cool and protect your skin clothing and accessories that protect your skin from sunburn
  15. Cute hairstyles that are better than just a bun for the hottest summer days
  16. Easy ways to get the wavy beach hair look
  17. Top summer hairstyles for regular people
  18. The best swimsuits that won’t leave horrible tan lines
  19. Tips for avoiding thigh rub on hot days would make another great summer blog post.
  20. Fun hairstyles that aren’t a bun for hot summer days
  21. Ways to get the easy wavy beach hair
  22. How to get a natural make-up look in five minutes
  23. Fun summer hairstyles, you can easily recreate yourself
  24. Layered outfits perfect for keeping you cool during 70/80/90 degree weather
  25. 10/15/20 cute and versatile jackets for changing temperatures
  26. Favorite skincare products with SPF to protect skin from the sun
  27. Ethical and/or eco-friendly fashion ideas for the summertime
  28. Your top Amazon fashion/beauty picks for Prime Day
  29. Best summer sales to check out this summer
  30. Write a summer blog post on the best 5/10/15 Sun hats all fashionistas should have.
  31. Top waterproof mascaras
  32. Top waterproof foundations
  33. Top waterproof eyebrow products
  34. Cute hair accessories for hot summer days
  35. A guide on how to style summer scarves
  36. Best trendy beach bag ideas
  37. Share your favorite summer high-end looks for fewer picks
  38. A list of neat/cute/designer beach coverups 
  39. How to comfortably heat style hair on warm days
  40. Best hairstyles for windy beach days
  41. Versatile pieces that you can wear throughout the summer
  42. Top summer hair color trends
  43. Minimalist touchup kit for the summer
  44. Best cooling skincare masks for the summer
  45. Cute summer jewelry picks that won’t burn your skin when hot
  46. Makeup looks that won’t melt on even the hottest days
  47. How to choose the best makeup for tanned skin
  48. Summer nail designs
  49. Cute seasonal nail colors
  50. A guide to summer beauty trends that come back every year
  51. Best outfits for hot days and cool nights
  52. Favorite summer Amazon finds
  53. Top swimsuit picks that won’t leave awful tan lines
  54. Summer wedding makeup looks/outfits
  55. A list of best updos for hot summer days
  56. How to store makeup during the summer
  57. Products you should stop using during the summer
  58. Cute beach/vacation hairstyles
  59. Create a guide on summer eyeshadow
  60. Top summer eyeshadow trends
  61. No makeup looks for beach days
  62. This year’s summer top beauty/fashion trends
  63. A comparison of easy self-tanning methods
  64. Your favorite self-tanning products for at-home use
  65. Top summer skincare necessities to quench thirsty skin/keep you cool
  66. What to wear to a casual summer BBQ/wedding/etc.
  67. How to treat sunburn for under $10/$20
  68. Tips for getting a tan without getting sunburn
  69. Cute sundresses/dresses/skirts for hot days
  70. A list of cute short and tank top/short-sleeved shirt combinations for hot days would make another great summer blog post.
  71. The most comfortable flats/sandals/flipflops for summer
  72. Tips on feeling put together even if you’re just hanging out at your house
  73. DIY hair tutorials for summertime haircuts
  74. Top summer clothing and beauty styles for the work-from-home lifestyle
  75. Must-have things for your purse to look good this summer
  76. The most effective ways to treat a sunburn
  77. The perfect five/ten/fifteen-minute summer makeup routine
  78. Simple makeup hacks for making your eyes look awesome
  79. Best summer scents and smells
  80. Summer hair colors to try this year
  81. Best Bath and Body lotions for summer
  82. Back-to-school makeup trends
  83. How to DIY your own tie-dyed t-shirt (or some other design in style)
  84. Top trendy summer haircuts and styles
  85. Tips for styling long hair in humid, hot weather
  86. Summer clothing and accessories you don’t want to be without
  87. Trendy pool party outfits and bathing suits
mom and playing with daughter while she works on her summer content ideas

Summer Mom and Parenting Blog Post Ideas

If you’re a mom blogger or have a parenting blog. There are all kinds of fun topics to write about as families are trying to keep their kids entertained for the summer or going on vacation. Here are some great blog post ideas to consider.

  1. Best cooling summer baby foods you can make at home
  2. Fun activities to do with toddlers in the summer
  3. Best summer-themed crafts for kids of different ages (toddlers, tweens, teens, young kids)
  4. How to create a kid-friendly backyard for outside summer play
  5. How to dress your baby/toddler for hot weather
  6. Gift guide on the best things to buy your pregnant wife/new mom/single mom this summer
  7. The perfect summer routine for parents and kids
  8. How to plan and time summer indoor and outdoor activities this year
  9. Write a summer blog post with a list of classic summer activities to introduce to your kids this year (think running through the sprinkler, slip & slide, classic crafts, making juice popsicles, etc.).
  10. Cute maternity clothes that make you feel cool even on the hottest days
  11. A list of must-have items for a beach vacation with your baby
  12. Family packing list for the beach
  13. Family packing list for camping
  14. Family packing list for road trips
  15. Tips for taking a road trip with your family
  16. Best kid-friendly snacks to take to the beach
  17. How to keep your kids healthy and hydrated during the summer
  18. A list of the most unforgettable summer memories you can make as a family
  19. First aid tips for camping with kids
  20. First aid tips for kids playing outside this summer
  21. Cutest toddler outfits that will keep them cool this summer
  22. Easy summer recipes your kids can make with you
  23. How to teach your child to ride a bike this summer while still staying sane
  24. Creating a DIY obstacle course in your backyard
  25. Swimming safety tips for parents and kids/toddlers
  26. Delicious BBQ/grilling recipes even the pickiest kids will love
  27. Easy craft ideas with things you have around the home
  28. Summer car safety tips for emergencies
  29. Seasonal outside baby-proofing tips
  30. Summer inside baby-proofing tips
  31. Best beauty products/makeups for pregnant moms (that include SPF)
  32. How to keep your older kids entertained while you’re home with your newborn during the summer
  33. Best indoor activities for kids when it’s too hot to play outside
  34. Best water parks for kids in your area/city/state
  35. Cute indoor fans that are safe for kids’ rooms
  36. Cute outfit ideas for toddlers and babies to wear during the summer
  37. Cute mommy and me matching outfits to wear when it’s hot
  38. Gift guide for pregnant moms to survive summer
  39. Beach safety tips for babies
  40. Sun-safety tips for kids
  41. Neat summer pregnancy announcement ideas
  42. Fun summertime gender reveal party ideas
  43. Create a printable of fun things to do with the family this summer
  44. A checklist of summer/hot weather necessities for your hospital bag
  45. Tips on how to dress your baby or small kids for the summer heat
  46. Pool safety tips for kids and parents
  47. Free things for families to do in your area
  48. Fun finger foods the whole family will enjoy
  49. Tips for teaching your children how to ride a bike/scooter/roller skate
  50. Tasty and healthy teething pops to help keep your baby coo
  51. Must-have items for your baby beach bag
  52. A list of first foods for babies trying solids this summer
  53. Cute new mom summer outfit ideas and trends
  54. Make a list of summer kid-friendly activities in the area that allow you to sneak in learning (or a list of general ideas)
  55. Things to do with a new baby over the summer
  56. A guide/tips for summer travel with kids
  57. Create a summer wish list printable for kids and parents to fill out
  58. Best sunscreens for babies and children
  59. Cute clothes for kids that are easy to clean
  60. How to keep kids entertained (and out of your hair) over the summer if you work from home
  61. Cheap Dollar Store summer activities for kids of all ages
  62. Free things to do with the kids outside during summer vacation
  63. Favorite local parks/national parks/theme parks to take kids in your area
  64. Fun outside activities for small kids
  65. Fun outdoor activities for babies and toddlers
  66. The best ways to introduce your toddlers/kids to camping
  67. Family hiking tips
  68. Tips for hiking safely with kids/babies/toddlers
  69. Fun day trip ideas the whole family will love
  70. Best summer hats for babies
  71. Father’s Day gift ideas
woman preparing recipes for her food blog

Food Blog Post Ideas for Summer

We all know that the summer months feature the most delicious fresh foods meaning there are plenty of summer blog post ideas for food bloggers. Think about the picnics, other fun summer activities, and entertaining you can do on a summer night or day.

  1. Top 10/20/30 summer cocktails
  1. Top 10/20/30 summer mocktails
  2. Refreshing gin cocktails made with simple ingredients you can find in your fridge
  3. Tasty layered salads for picnics
  4. Tasty BBQ recipes 
  5. Delicious seafood recipes
  6. The best summer wines and food pairings
  7. No-bake seasonal desserts to make when it’s hot
  8. Fun mason jar summer cocktails or mocktails
  9. Your favorite frozen treats, ice cream, or popsicles to beat the heat
  10. Delicious Fun fruit/pasta salads
  11. Lettuce-wrapped meal ideas and recipes
  12. 5/10/15 refreshing lemonade/drink recipes to beat the heat
  13. Simple summertime charcuterie boards everyone will love
  14. A round-up of BBQ/summer recipes to try this year
  15. Fresh finger food alternatives to chips for summer entertaining
  16. The best fresh vegetable side dishes
  17. Backyard party menu ideas
  18. How to throw the best summer get-together or party without breaking the bank
  19. A roundup of summer salads/sides
  20. Light meal ideas for the hottest days
  21. Delicious cool desserts or ice cream perfect for scorchers
  22. Summer picnic ideas
  23. Share a recipe for a delicious mason jar salad
  24. Create a roundup of simple summer dinner ideas
  25. Fun seasonal meal ideas even the pickiest kids will love
  26. Create a list of summer wine pairings that go with cheese, specific foods, meats, etc.
  27. Tips for barbecuing specific foods like pizza, meats, vegetables, etc.
  28. Easy seasonal food ideas for summer parties and picnics
  29. Recipes that use common herbs you can grow yourself
  30. A list of recipes that use seasonal vegetables
  31. Simple pasta recipes for hot days
  32. Your favorite summer picnic/party recipes
  33. Easy-to-make meals you can make/prep in advance meals that you just need to microwave when you don’t feel like cooking
  34. Summer sandwich ideas to make when it’s too hot to cook
  35. BBQ meals that make amazing leftovers too
  36. Make-ahead meals that are great for hot days
  37. Summer salads or side dishes with 3/4/5 ingredients or less
  38. A list of your favorite summer BBQ or grill
  39. Easy finger foods for picnics and barbecues for the summer break
  40. The best summer food festivals in your city/town/state (that feature foods like strawberry, main lobster, etc., so you can add recipes)
two woman working on blog post ideas and taking notes for their online business

Business Summer Blog Ideas

  1. Profitable summer business ideas
  1. Best podcasts to listen to (for your ideal avatar like blogger, small business owner, VA, content creator, etc.)
  2. Best summer/beach/vacation captions for social media
  3. How to set summer blogging/business goals
  4. Blog post ideas for each June, July, and August
  5. Best reasons to start your X business this summer (VA, freelance, blogging, reselling, etc.)
  6. Best summer Instagram hashtags
  7. How to work more efficiently/better when the kids are home for the summer
  8. Vacation tips for online business owners/solopreneurs
  9. How to take a vacation as a blogger/VA/solopreneur/freelancers
  10. How to take a break from your business as a solopreneur
  11. Tips for blogging/creating content/marketing during a vacation without wasting family time
  12. Best summer morning routine for business owners
  13. Best summer blog post ideas
  14. How to get back on track in your online business after summer vacation
  15. Tasks to focus on for your blog during the summer break
  16. Reasons why its okay to take a break from social media during the summer
  17. Best foods/crafts/products to sell at your local fair or to make extra money during the summer
  18. Top home office accessories and tools you never knew you needed
  19. Best houseplants to help cool down your office
  20. Best houseplants for your office that don’t require a lot of watering
  21. Summer decor ideas that won’t break the bank
  22. How to give your small/large home office a summer makeover
  23. Top tips for starting your online business during the summer
  24. Best summer courses for bloggers/entrepreneurs/VAs/freelancers
  25. Best books for entrepreneurs to read this summer
  26. Summer side hustle ideas
  27. Summer scents to use in your home office
  28. X expenses to cut out this summer
  29. How to find remote jobs this summer
  30. Best summer paint colors to update your home office
  31. Father’s Day gift guide for fathers who work from home/own a small business
fitness blogger working on fitness content in front of the camera

Fitness and Health Summer Blog Post Ideas

While summertime is perfect for fun summer activities outside, it also comes with challenges like the scorching heat and humidity. You can write blog posts that address both sides of the coin and give people tips and advice for staying fit and healthy.

Here’s a list of summer posts you can write for your health and fitness blog.

  1. The perfect weekend summer day routine for your mental/physical health
  2. Fun ways to work out during the summer without melting
  3. Fun outdoor kids’ workouts that parents will love too
  4. Create a couples’/friends’ outdoor fitness routine
  5. Best beaches and parks in your area/state/city to host/or take a group fitness class
  6. A list of hotels that with great fitness equipment for your vacation
  7. Tips for working out during summer vacation when the kids are home
  8. How to stay motivated to keep up fitness goals when it’s hot
  9. Host a summer fitness challenge for your audience
  10. Safety tips for exercising outdoors
  11. Best gear/clothing for outdoor workouts
  12. Family-friendly outdoor workout ideas (stroller walking/running, walks, hiking, swimming activities, etc.)
  13. Delicious keto-friendly (or whatever diet you’re on) summer recipes
  14. Tips for summer cycling/hiking/walking
  15. How to get up early in the morning to squeeze in a morning workout
  16. 5/10 local hiking trails in your state/city/locality
  17. Prettiest scenic places to workout this summer
  18. A guide to outdoor workouts
  19. How to stay hydrated while working out on hot days
  20. Tips for healthy eating on vegan/keto/sugar-free/fat-free etc. diets this season
  21. How to eat healthy without feeling deprived this summer
  22. Best/cutest/coolest summer workout clothes
  23. Best fans for indoor/home gyms
  24. Tips for getting up earlier in the morning to workout
  25. Adult jungle gym workouts
  26. Outdoor weightlifting routines for adults and teens
  27. How to beat the heat and find peace by hitting the trails this summer
  28. Tips on how to get the most out of beach yoga
  29. A list of hydration alternatives to bottled water
  30. Delicious, low-calorie/fat/sugar summer snacks
  31. Tips for working out while on vacation or traveling
  32. Low-calorie alternatives to your favorite summer drinks
  33. Low-calorie food alternatives to your favorite summer foods
  34. Low-calorie mocktail recipes
  35. How to keep weight off/lose weight during the summer picnic, party, and BBQ season
  36. Delicious summer smoothie recipes made with seasonal fruits and vegetables
  37. How to get a beach body for vacation
  38. Ways to keep fit on even the hot days
  39. How to set up an outside yoga/pilates/workout space in your backyard
  40. A guide with tips for hiking during hot weather
  41. Summer fitness tips
craft and DIY blogger filming herself making a craft project

Summer DIY and Crafts Blog Post Ideas

Crafting and DIY blogs are popular at all times of the year because there are endless ideas for fun projects. Here is a list of some creative blog post ideas for DIY and craft bloggers.

  1. Tips on how to bring the outdoors inside this summer
  2. Simple summer crafts ideas for scrapbookers
  3. Fun Cricut craft ideas to try this summer
  4. Outdoor crafts for kids to try this summer
  5. Fun outdoor craft ideas for adults
  6. The craft/DIY blogs to inspire your summer projects/crafts
  7. Area/State summer craft fairs you don’t want to miss
  8. Themed crafts for kids/teens
  9. How to maintain a simple vegetable garden
  10. The best summer online craft classes
  11. Easy summer DIY projects for kids/families/ to save money
  12. Best summer online art or craft classes to take
  13. DIY summer kite ideas
  14. Fun summer printables
  15. DIY flower post ideas
  16. The best summer music and art festivals you don’t want to miss
  17. Ideas for summer DIY air fresheners
  18. The most profitable DIY crafts you can create and sell this summer
  19. Best stores to get your art and craft supplies for under $20/$30/$50
  20. Why summer is the perfect time to learn how to do Cricut crafts/scrapbooking/DIY
  21. Fun summer Cricut patterns you can create easily
  22. DIY pool toy ideas
  23. How to DIY pool toys
  24. How to make candles in summer scents
  25. A guide on creating a bird feeder
  26. Ideas for DIYing summer patio furniture
home and garden blogger outside planting flowers

Home and Garden Blog Post Ideas

If you’re looking for summer blog post ideas for bloggers who write on home and garden topics, you’ll find summer is one of the best seasons to write about because of gardening and people gathering outside. Summer home decor bloggers will also find their readers want decorating tips, especially for outdoor spaces.

Here are some summer blog post ideas to write about.

  1. 3/5/10 home renovations to work on this summer
  2. Top summer maintenance tasks to do around your house
  3. Easy garden routines to maintain the perfect lawn and yard
  4. Tips for getting rid of pesky weeds in your lawn and flower beds
  5. Outdoor/indoor decorating ideas for Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day
  6. 4th of July decoration ideas when you don’t want to use red, white, or blue
  7. How to help your garden survive the hottest months
  8. Choosing the right plants for your yard (full sun, full shade, drought tolerant, etc.)
  9. Landscaping ideas you can do by yourself
  10. Garden and flower bed ideas for small spaces
  11. How to plant and maintain a large/small vegetable garden
  12. Summer homesteading tips
  13. How to decorate your front porch for X holiday
  14. How to decorate your front porch so that it looks like it belongs in Home and Garden magazine
  15. Best local flea markets to find neat home decor items
  16. Summer tips for taking care of animals
  17. Create a 7/10/30-day summer home declutter challenge
  18. A blog post on outdoor living trends like furniture and decorations
  19. Top home summer decor tips
  20. How to decorate your house when your spouse is returning from military deployment
  21. How to have a summer party using food from your garden
  22. Tips for organizing summer holiday decorations
  23. Tips for organizing your garage during the summer
  24. Tips for organizing a garage sale
  25. Why July is Important for Homeschoolers
  26. Create step-by-step DIY guides for summer projects
  27. Create “get the look” home design guides
  28. Tips for upcycling furniture
  29. Summer home decorating tips
  30. Summer patio furniture ideas
  31. Cute summer bedding trends/ideas
  32. Decorating your home for the summer on a budget
  33. Best summer colors for decorating your home
image taken by a travel blogger of a narrow alley in a Mediterranean town

Travel Summer Blog Post Ideas

The summer months and summer holidays are the most popular time for traveling because school is out for the year. If you’re looking for some travel blog post ideas, here are some topics to consider.

  1. Best destinations for summer day trips in your state/city/country
  2. The ultimate travel summer bucket list
  3. Best summer campsites in your state/city/country
  4. Best places to travel this summer last minute
  5. Best hiking trails close to your city or state
  6. The best places to explore within 100 miles of your state/country/city
  7. The best travel destinations for Memorial Day/Labor Day/4th of July/Father’s Day
  8. Cheap summer travel tips
  9. The best farmer’s markets to visit in your city or state this summer
  10. How to save space packing for your summer trip
  11. The best resorts in ABC to stay at
  12. Best summer cruise destinations this year
  13. Stunning summer hiking destinations
  14. The best ABC shops in ABC for a weekend shopping trip
  15. The best B & B’s to stay at for weekend trips in X state or city
  16. Top summer road trip essentials everyone needs
  17. The ultimate camping packing list for fun trips
  18. Summer hiking tips
  19. Best summer vacation destinations for families/students/single people
  20. Top beaches near ABC
  21. How to save money on airfare
  22. Summer day trip ideas close to ABC
  23. What to pack in your carry-on for your summer vacation
  24. Summer camping tips
  25. How to create a summer emergency kit for camping/traveling/road tripping
  26. What to pack for a short day/weekend trip
  27. How to avoid getting sick on an airplane
  28. Frugal travel tips
  29. Fun summer staycation ideas
  30. Travel checklist for traveling with kids
  31. A summer travel checklist
  32. Roadtrip essential for keeping kids entertained
  33. Best suitcases for summer vacations
  34. Best summer solo travel destination
  35. Tips for traveling solo
  36. Top 10/20/30 beach towns in the U.S.
  37. Top summer activities in X location
  38. Best summer weekends for traveling
  39. Best AirBNBs or VRBOs on or close to the beach in X location
  40. Fun summer weekend trips
woman writing summer blog posts on her laptop at her desk

Final Thoughts on Summer Blog Post Ideas

Now you have over 450 creative blog post ideas you can write about on topics surrounding the summer and warm weather. These summer blog topics may spark other creative ideas, but I’ve taken the time to round them up for you.

The sky is the limit when it comes to writing seasonal blog posts because anything that will help your ideal audience is a great blog post idea for the summer season. If your niche wasn’t covered on this epic list, consider how you can spin these topics for your blog.

So whether you have a beauty blog, lifestyle blog, food blog, or are looking for travel blog post ideas, or something else, this list of summer blog post ideas will help you figure out some fun and helpful blog post ideas to add to your content plan.

Do you have a specific niche not covered on this ultimate list of blog post ideas? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll add to it.

blog post outline email opt-in woman on computer

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Summer blog post ideas for almost every niche that you can write this year.

450+ Fun and Awesome Summer Blog Post Ideas for All Niches450+ Fun and Awesome Summer Blog Post Ideas for All Niches450+ Fun and Awesome Summer Blog Post Ideas for All Niches

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