28 Of The Best Websites That Make Finding Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners Easy

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The Best Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

If you are ready to venture out and find easy freelance writing jobs for beginners, you’re in the right place. Writing is not just about putting pen to paper and hoping for the best. It’s about finding a niche and building a successful business that gives you freedom and flexibility.

If you love writing, why wouldn’t you want to make some money from it? Being stuck in an office job isn’t for everyone and you can use some of the skills you already have (many of them translate over to freelance writing skills) to make money. 

Many out there aren’t trapped in a 9-5 working towards someone else’s goals instead of their own. It’s truly freeing to work for yourself but building a business is hard work.

With easy writing jobs out there, you can stop feeling trapped by the commute, the office, and the suit you wear every day. Instead, you can venture out, spread your writing wings and dive into a world where you create your own opportunities. 

Knowing the best beginner freelance writing jobs isn’t always easy. It’s a very competitive place to work, and while it can be the gateway to your career freedom, it’ll also take time to break into it. 

However, if you know where to look and get started, you’ll find it much easier to break into the world of writing. You have to find your own clients as a freelancer, so it may not seem as stable as a traditional job. But it’s actually MORE stable because no one can lay you off. 

It’s just a matter of finding another client to replace each one you lose.

In this post, I have a list of some of the best freelance writer jobs for beginners with no experience so that you can get started as well as a list of websites where you can find them.


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What is Freelance Writing for Beginners

Freelance writing for beginners refers to entry-level writing gigs from home that people with no experience can do. I provide several examples below, but they tend to be easier jobs that anyone can learn how to do as a newbie.

Top Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

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1. Content Writer

Now anyone can write content if they have a computer and internet. Every day more and more websites pop up, and guess what? They all need content; content marketing is here to stay.

These businesses need sharp writers to help sell their products and write about their services, which means that there are plenty of content writing jobs for beginners

There are stories and words everywhere you look, and you could be the one writing them. Content writing includes everything from business blogs to personal blogs ghostwritten for others.

You can write SEO-optimized articles to help businesses rank in search engines if you want to learn SEO.

Writing content isn’t all that difficult, and you get better the more you write. I’ve even written an article with some of my best content writing tips to help you. 

Content writers who only write blog posts are known as freelance bloggers, and that is what I have done for the past five years.

I teach new writers how to find freelance blogging jobs for beginners.

Freelance blogging is one of the easiest writing jobs to break into; so many writers start here, but you can scale, as I’ve done over time to get paid hundreds of dollars for a single blog post as long as you stay the hell off content mills like Upwork.

Although I don’t recommend Upwork, enough people asked me about it that I wrote a blog post that answers the question, is Upwork good for beginners?

2. Copywriting

Some copywriters have experience writing copy before they start freelancing, but you don’t have to. As a copywriter, you don’t just create informational content.

You write engaging content that compels a reader to take action, whether signing up to a website email list or buying a product. 

Copywriting is everywhere. Do you know the email newsletter you read? A copywriter or marketer likely wrote it. While much of my work is considered copywriting, it does not come naturally to all writers – including me.

You need to harness the power of psychology to understand why people buy something and then use it to create copy that makes them feel understood. 

As a brand newbie on the block, you won’t be earning vast amounts of cash for freelance copywriting jobs for beginners, but as you build your confidence and get better, you can make six figures each year writing sales pages, email newsletters, website copy, and more.

woman working on virtual assistant work on laptop with light brown accents

3. Virtual Assistant

Some writing jobs incorporate more than just writing. As a virtual assistant, you can work remotely, supporting others in their businesses and handling all the grunt work.

This can be anything from replying to emails to managing an entire social media campaign. 

A virtual assistant is an in-demand job, and they do all kinds of tasks, including writing email newsletters or blog posts.

The simpler the job, the less you will earn, but the important thing is that you are getting a foot in the door and building a network of clients over time. 

Many businesses outsource to a VA, and you can choose to specialize in something like writing content or managing social media accounts, or be a generalist.

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4. Proofreader 

There are some out there who love the editing and proofing side of writing, and if that’s you, then a proofreading job could be for you. I followed Caitlin Pyle, the founder of Proofread Anywhere, when I started freelancing.

I love her story, and her course is phenomenal. As a proofreader and editor, you can work for publishing companies, businesses, and even other writers. I have an editor to whom I send all my work because it helps to have an outside set of eyes. 

If you love to make sure grammar is correct and have a knack for finding others’ mistakes, then proofreading work could be your niche.

It’s not as lucrative as total editing, but it will give you a chance to use your attention to detail skills. It’s a pretty easy job, but getting started takes some research.

5. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is another great way to break into freelance writing. In fact, many online article writing jobs for beginners, are usually ghostwriting as you don’t get a byline. New readers may not understand the benefit of writing articles if you don’t get credit for them, and I get it as it can be hard to get pieces for your portfolio.

But you can get paid really well to be a ghostwriter, and you get to work on various projects, including books. If you’re interested, I wrote a helpful post on how to be a ghostwriter that can give you tips on getting started. 

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6. Social Media Manager

If you want to combine your love of writing with social media, then being a social media manager is a good place to start. If you spend a lot of time on social media, you may as well get paid for it, and you can build up your network. 

You can start by working for digital marketing agencies or offering VA services specializing in social media. In the beginning, you likely won’t begin running ad campaigns for businesses, but you can schedule their social media posts and write the captions.

If you can master paid advertising, you can scale your business and offer more services. It will take time, but you can get there! 

You can choose to focus on learning one social media platform, which would be my recommendation to start, and then move on to learn more. Some people just stay with one platform, which is perfectly fine. 

You run your own business, so you can do whatever you want to!

7. Product Descriptions

Another one of the best easy writing jobs online is writing product descriptions, also known as eCommerce descriptions. Product descriptions are probably the old school version which tells my age. 🤣

Many businesses ask freelance writers to optimize online product descriptions because, just like other content online, it can help their audience find their products which is key when there are billions of products out there. 

Like social media and Google, each eCommerce has its own search engine algorithm –  Etsy is different from Shopify. But most are interchangeable.

While the main goal is to use the best keywords, you also want to make the content easy to read so that it doesn’t sound like a robot wrote it.

We write for humans, too, not just Google.

Woman doing business writing on laptop with gray mug

8. Business Writing

There are more types of content for businesses than website copy and blog articles. Companies outsource all kinds of corporate writing like white papers, case studies, promotional content, employee manuals, client proposals, emails, reports, notices, memos, and more. 

Some want their writers to have corporate experience, while others don’t. The key is to write technical content, which is formal and/or technical. But new freelance writers can make money with business writing.

So, what do you need to get started in freelance writing?

How Do I Start Freelance Writing with No Experience?

While technically, you can just get started by searching for writing jobs online, I recommend you do some other things to increase your chances of success and build a profitable business. My best freelance writing for beginners tips can make your life easier.

Woman doing business writing about her client avatar in a notebook

1. Define Your Ideal Client

One thing you should try to do, and you will almost do it at the same time as number two on this list, is define who your ideal client is? Businesses in the security industry? Plumbing companies? 

You really want to be able to target people that can afford to pay you what you’re worth and not find clients on Upwork. Read the blog article I wrote to learn more about why I DON’T think Upwork is good for beginners.

You can read the article I wrote on how to define your client avatar for help doing this.

2. Choose a Niche

Choosing a niche is one of the best ways to find high-paying writing clients and position yourself as an expert. Meredith Hill said it best, “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” 

When you choose one specific topic or industry to write on, it allows you to showcase your expertise and become the go-to person in it. Then you can look for potential clients on LinkedIn and cold email them or ask your connections for referrals. 

This blog article on how to choose a profitable niche explains my Niche Ninja Method and if you need more help, check out my free challenge – Niche Down to Level Up Your Profits.

3. Build a Freelance Writing Website 

Technically, you can get clients without a website, but you really need a platform for your writing business.

A website is a place to house your portfolio and testimonials, showcase your services, and create a blog that helps you write content that positions you as an expert.

Plus, a website shows clients that you’re serious about your business, and it looks more professional. See this article for help on building your freelance writing website.

how to market yourself as a freelance writer portfolio

4. Create a Few Portfolio Samples

You may be wondering how you can possibly create a portfolio as a new writer with no experience or jobs. I get it! But all potential clients need to see is that you can write. 

So, you can create portfolio samples yourself. Just pick a company you would like to work for and write a sample piece – just don’t position it as an actual piece they paid you to do.

You can also create a portfolio at platforms like ClearVoice and Contently. In fact, you should keep a portfolio in more than one place as it gives you more chances for clients to find you. 

You can also work pro bono for a company if they’ll give you a testimonial in return. I have more helpful tips on creating a freelance writing portfolio as a newbie to help you create what you need until you can get samples from paid jobs.

5. Get Active on Social Media – Create Accounts

Social media plays a huge role in a freelance writer’s success, especially in today’s internet-driven world. Many companies hire freelancers from platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook. and Twitter. 

Now you don’t need to be active on every single platform, but I recommend Twitter and LinkedIn. Pinterest not so much as I don’t know many people hiring writers on that platform, but you can use it to establish your expertise. 

Facebook can be helpful, too, as I get tagged all the time by friends in Facebook groups where they see someone asking if they know any ghostwriters.

I find most of my clients on LinkedIn and Facebook, but other writers tell me they find them on Twitter often.

easy on-page seo ebook

6. Learn SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is huge for all businesses. It’s how they get customers and clients. So, it is good to learn for your own website and blog; it allows you to offer another service in high demand. 

People will pay a writer well-versed in SEO more because they can optimize their content for Google. Stupid Simple SEO is an amazing SEO course that I took that helped me learn SEO. 

Also, Debbie Gartner has some great eBooks on SEO, and her Easy On-Page SEO is the best one to start with as it specifically teaches you how to optimize blog posts.

7. Network

Networking is beneficial as a freelancer. The example I mentioned where people tag me on Facebook is the result of networking with other floggers and freelancers. 

Networking with other people in complementary niches and businesses, such as graphic designers, bloggers, email marketers, etc., is good – essentially, anyone with a similar audience could refer clients to you.

Building a network of other writers is also important because there’s enough work to go around, and freelance writers look out for each other despite what you may think. Plus, if one writer can take on anymore clients, they can refer them to another writer.

Now on to the list of places to find freelance writing jobs for beginners I mentioned where you can find entry-level freelance writing jobs.

white computer keyboard with desk accessories freelance writing jobs for beginners

Freelance Writing Job Boards and Websites

The best places to find freelance writing gigs for beginners that we’re going to focus on are freelance writing job boards and websites. Now, without further ado, here are some freelance writing websites for beginners where you can find paid jobs.

These sources are free and paid job boards, freelancing platforms, remote job boards, and unique places to find freelance writing jobs. You’ll also need a freelance writing cover letter and resume..

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1.    Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs is more than just a place to find freelance writing jobs for beginners. It’s also a great place to learn more about freelance writing and running a business in general.

There is a job board and daily round-up articles on recent job posts. You’ll find a wide variety of topics to choose from.

2.   ProBlogger Job Board

Freelance writing job boards are excellent places to find blog writing jobs for beginners as long as they’re reputable. ProBlogger has a reputable job board that is one of the best places to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

One of the things I like about the ProBlogger job board is they work hard to verify postings, so no scams! Scams are something new freelance writers have a hard time avoiding because of their newness to writing online.

There are also a brought variety of niches too, from cannabis to daytime soaps.

freelance writing jobs for beginners ClearVoice website

3.    ClearVoice

Some people classify ClearVoice as a content mill, but if it is, it’s a damn good one. ClearVoice was one of the first platforms that I set up a resume on or CV, as ClearVoice calls it when I wanted to up my freelance writing game.

They pay some of the best freelance writing rates of all the platforms and are a repository of helpful information for both new and experienced freelance writers.

One word of caution and that is you must really make your CV as complete as possible. Also, writers with specific niches may not find many jobs, and it doesn’t work like other platforms and job boards.

You’ll get notified of a possible writing assignment, and then you have the chance to apply for them.  They must have some type of algorithm that pulls out good possible writers for the different industries and then they can choose from the pool of people that apply.

I didn’t receive a single possibility for the first year I was on the platform and kind of ruled it out.

However, a couple of my most lucrative projects eventually came from ClearVoice, so don’t throw in the towel too early. You can make a great income from ClearVoice’s freelance writing jobs for beginners.

The platform also finds new content that you’ve written and sends you an email so you can add it to your CV. So, every time I publish a blog post they find it usually within a day or two.

4.   Contena

Contena is another popular place to find freelance writing jobs for beginners. It’s a paid membership site, but that also means you can find some excellent writing clients and projects.

Some writers said that they landed a client the first month that paid for the whole membership, so it might be an incentive for you to work hard to cover that cost.

Contena provides up to date job listings so that you don’t have to search through endless out of date job listings, so it saves time as well. You also get access to coaches and other resources to help you throughout your freelance writing journey.  

Niche Ninja Mini-Course full mockup of course

5.   Blogging Pro

Blogging Pro is specifically for blog writing jobs as well as freelance writing jobs. Some extremely well-known brands use Blogging Pro to find freelance writers such as the well-known medical site Healthline. It’s definitely worth checking out.

6.   The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is not so much a job board but one of those hidden gems. They don’t have a wide variety of freelance writing jobs for beginners. But,if you can write about numbers and strategies as well as provide advice, this may be one of the places you want to pitch.

They want smart money guides, unique job ideas, success stories, and eating, traveling, and living on a budget.


7.   Media Bistro

Media Bistro is a favorite for many freelance writers. It has remote job postings as well as freelance writing jobs that are location-specific. Some major media brands find writers through Media Bistro, such as NBC and HBO.

There are other job positions listed on the website, like photographers and other jobs with media companies.

8.   Upwork

Upwork is one of those dreaded content mills I mentioned earlier. I found my very first freelance writing client from Upwork. Now I shudder when I think about it. Plus, this particular client tried to tell me that no one could compare with their rates.

They were right; almost everyone pays MORE. Their pay sucked, to say the least.

But to be fair, some people preach about making vast amounts of money on Upwork, and some have made even more money selling programs that teach you those secrets.

Just know that you pay Upwork about 20 percent of anything you make on their platform. It tends to be popular because beginners can find a lot more freelance writing jobs.

Posting Perfection Course

9. All Freelance Writing Job Board

The All Freelance Writing Job Board is a great place to find recent job postings for the past 30 days. You can also subscribe to the freelance writing jobs feed on an app like Feedly to see the newest job postings.

This job board publishes ads from their own clients who need writers as well as third-party ads. This job board is another great resource to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.


10. Writers Weekly

Angela Hoy, the publisher of WritersWeekly.com is the author of 19 books. She has a variety of articles and resources that are helpful and interesting to read, as well as recent job postings. You can even browse publications that take submissions.

Writers Weekly also supplies information on pay, the editors to contact, and topics they accept. This website also purchases articles from writers, but before you pitch to them, make sure to read the guidelines.

11. Be a Freelance Blogger (BAFB)

The BAFB $50+ Job Board is another job board that posts jobs writing blog articles, content for web pages, and more. It’s not one that you hear much about.

The rules are posted on the job board page, and there is a Facebook group associated with it.

As someone who started out making under $.05 per word, the fact that all these jobs are at least $.10 a word is great! I wish I’d known about them when I started my freelance writing career.

They have a wide variety of topics such as cannabis, vegan food, pets, fashion, tech, social media, virtual reality, and more. You’ll find some great topics to choose from.

12. Freelancer

Now Freelancer is a global writing platform that is considered a content mill. I said I was including them in case you wanted to try them. I’m also mentioning them to warn you.

As a new freelance writer, you may run across these writing job websites on your own, and I want you to know they may not be the best places to work.

Now that I’ve gotten off my soapbox, Freelancer has all kinds of freelancing jobs. You can search by skill, language, featured jobs, and latest jobs. They also offer 24/7 support and let you add a portfolio to the platform so clients can browse it and read your profile.

freelance writing jobs top view of woman on laptop

13. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to find jobs, and it’s one of my favorites. It’s one of the best places to find jobs and connect with professionals. It’s where all my clients come from LinkedIn Jobs lets you search for writing projects by location or job.

If you’re looking to find companies that can afford to pay you good money, LinkedIn is the place to be. Set up a profile and connect with businesses in your niche so you’re in front of your clients when they need you.

The job board is a great place to find all types of job and not all of them are for remote workers so keep that in mind.

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14. Contently

Contently is another freelance writing platform where you can find writing jobs for popular brands such as Google, Dell, Marriott, Walmart, and more. Some may consider it a content mill, but like ClearVoice, I don’t hear many negative comments about it.

You can find other jobs on Contently like designers, filmmakers, photographers, and more. They have resources to help you navigate freelancing on their platform and freelancing in general. There is also a rate database and rates calculator.

15. Barefoot Writer

When I first started, I became a member of the American Writers and Artists Institute. It’s a great resource, and that led me to the Barefoot Writer. Both websites have excellent resources and classes.

I must be honest they gave me a wealth of information but as a new writer, the courses were kind of expensive. They’re taught by some of the best copywriters in the business, though.

Mindy McHorse is the Executive Editor of the Barefoot Writer and she’s awesome. The Barefoot Writer website and magazine show freelance writers how to go from the Cubicle to the Caribbean, which really resonated with me if you can’t tell. ?

The Barefoot Writer magazine is a magazine that provides tips on making money as a writer, working from home, and how to get freelance writing jobs even if you have no experience.

They also accept pitches on several categories, such as becoming a better writer, monthly motivator, thinking like a writer, cool tools, productivity secrets, and personal essays. The Barefoot writer is worth looking at for their resources alone.


16. Indeed.com

After the horrible first disaster of a job through Upwork, I found the next job on Indeed. I love Indeed because you can set job alerts on your searches and get updates every day in your email.

You can search for a variety of topics, locations, remote work, and just about every other freelance job you can think of. It makes the job search easy when the leads are delivered to your inbox every day.

It’s a great place to find freelance writing jobs for beginners. Just be careful of scams. I think Indeed does the best they can to screen jobs, but they have such a large volume of jobs coming in that it’s impossible to find all the scams. I ran across one using a legitimate company as their cover. Just be careful.

17. Constant Content

Constant Content is like ClearVoice. It’s a platform that brings writers together with businesses that need content. At the bottom of the home page, you’ll find a tab that says Writer FAQs, and it tells you how to sign up and a little bit about the platform.

They also list their top writers on the home page.

At Constant Content, you can write category and product pages as well as eBooks and blog posts. They boast clients like CVS, Sears, Zulily, Walgreens, and more.

18. Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations was another one of my favorite places to look for remote freelance jobs. What’s nice is that every job on the website is a telecommuting position. You can sign up for a free account, but that only gives you limited access.

For a small monthly fee of $15.99, you can view and apply for all the jobs. Even better, they scan their job posting really well so they can try to weed out the scams. The monthly membership is worth finding great remote freelance writing jobs.

19. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter has an excellent reputation, and at the top of their website, you can click the “for job seekers tab” and explore the positions they have. It’s a favorite job search app for many that allows you to search and apply for jobs on your smartphone.

The platform also has a talent network you can join, which connects you with top brands to see if you’re a good fit. It’s a job board for all careers and industries, not just freelance writers.

ZipRecruiter isn’t just for freelancers and remote work; there are also location-specific jobs, so you must sort through all the positions to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

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20. We Work Remotely

As the name suggests, We Work Remotely is one of the largest digital nomad job communities online. They have millions of monthly visitors. We Work Remotely updates job postings regularly and provides research and support to freelancers as well.

I noticed that they have a wide variety of open jobs such as Data Scientist, SEO Specialist, Internet Researcher, Senior Designer, and many more positions in a variety of categories. Some of the positions have broad location requirements such as U.S. only versus global jobs.

Check out the Remote Hiring Guide for more information on hiring and working remotely. This website is a great source of freelance jobs.

21. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is another great website to find jobs of all types, and many of them are for remote positions and freelance writers.

For the location, I typed in remote and then for the position, freelance writer. That brought up an editor position, a freelance resume writer, content manager, freelance athletic wear writer, a freelance medical technology writer, and more.

It’s definitely worth checking out. The search feature allows you to filter by salary, the date the job was listed, location, and more.

22. Verblio

Verblio used to be Blogmutt. This website is a monthly subscription for their clients, so they need new content every month. As a new writer, you’ll fill out a short form so you can get started. As you complete jobs and get excellent reviews, you can access higher-paying writing jobs.

I’ve never personally used the platform, but the process seems fairly simple. You find a job from one of their many clients. Then you’ll research the topic and write articles keeping good SEO practices in mind.

Then you write the content, submit it, and earn a review. The more experienced you are, the more access to writing jobs you have. They pay weekly, which is nice.

23. Facebook

Facebook is a great place to find freelance writing jobs for beginners. It’s also a great place to network with people, which can lead to great writing opportunities. I’ve seen people post jobs in Facebook groups before they post them publicly.

If you network with people, they may tag you when they see opportunities that fit you. There are groups dedicated to freelance writing jobs such as Freelance Writing Jobs, Female Freelance Writers, Successful Freelance Writing Moms.

24. Working Nomads

Working Nomads is a unique job board that has remote work for freelancers. Digital nomad jobs are just a small part of these job boards; it’s worth looking at. Check out the categories on the left side of the page, and you’ll see one for writing jobs.


25. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is one of the largest job sites out there. The jobs are for digital nomads or flexible positions that may offer the opportunity to work from home occasionally.

It’s not exclusively for writers. It posts jobs from almost every industry, so it’s a large database like Indeed. I’ve seen plenty of listing for freelance writing jobs for beginners and experienced writers.

The only difference is that FlexJobs is a paid job board, but that also means the leads are higher quality and less likely to be scams. It runs about $29.95 for three months, $14.95 for one month, or $45.95 for the year.

FlexJobs is worth paying the money because there are a lot more positions listed compared to some other job boards.

26. Freelance Writer’s Den

Freelance Writer’s Den goes hand in hand with Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing Website. Carol Tice is an amazing mentor for other writers. I was actually part of the Freelance Writer’s Den, and it’s so much more than a job board.

There are many free classes you can take to up your freelance writing game. You even get chances for guest posting on her site if you’re a member. They periodically announce it, and I was able to write a post about pushing past your fears to be a successful freelance writer.

Unfortunately, the Freelance Writer’s Den only opens up a couple of times a year. You can get on the waiting list, and it costs $25 a month, but it’s well worth it to get access to the great job board and training.

It’s the perfect place to find online writing tips and freelance writing jobs for beginners.

27. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another large job board that advertises traditional jobs as well as remote positions. It’s unique in that you can see reviews of the businesses left by people who worked there or still do.

You can see just what issues you may run into but remember reviews can be biased. However, they can also provide a lot of information about the company. You can also see salary details to see what content creators in different industries make.

Some industries pay better than others. Glassdoor includes freelance writing jobs for beginners and more seasoned writers as well. So, it’s not just a great job board, it also provides valuable information to help your job hunt.

28. Google

Google can connect you with job postings if you type in your topic and freelance writer. You might be surprised what pops up. You may find company websites with job postings or forums.

Now, it may be a little more difficult to separate out the freelance writing jobs for beginners, but you’ll definitely see plenty of writing jobs. You can also search publications that accept pitches from beginning freelance writers.

29. Freelance Writing Jobs

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Final Thoughts on Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

This list of places to find online writing jobs for beginners is not exhaustive by any means. The ones I’ve listed are for both experienced writers and freelance writing entry-level jobs. There are other job boards out there, and many of those are for more advanced writers.

I wanted to take a second to address the websites that give salaries such as $39,000-$54,000. One of those platforms advertised a writing job salary with a company that I know is almost impossible to make.

So, when they say you can make $54,000 a year, don’t let it fool you because that’s usually for full-time hours, and there are not always enough projects available for full-time work. It’s just something to keep in the back of your mind.

The best thing you can do when looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners, especially when you start, is to develop a routine. You may want to search as soon as you get up in the morning and apply or pitch.

Setting a specific number of jobs that you’ll apply for is great and makes sure you keep the momentum going.

Expect to get many rejections, and many companies won’t even reply back. It’s okay, well, I mean, it can be soul-crushing but try not to take it personally.

Good things are in store for you, and you’re going to land some great writing jobs from home for beginners, increase your experience, and up your prices so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of—the Writer’s life of course.

If you want a little more help getting freelance writing jobs online, sign up for my freelance writing cover letter template and resume template to make it easy to apply for online jobs.

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28 Of The Best Websites That Make Finding Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners Easy28 Of The Best Websites That Make Finding Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners Easy

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    1. You’re welcome. I want to give people new to freelance writing as many opportunities and as much info as possible to make the journey easier.

  1. Thanks for this comprehensive list of freelance writing jobs. What do you think of listing your services on Fiverr? Is it trustworthy?

    1. I hear mixed things about Fiverr. I know a lot of good people that use it, I’m just afraid it doesn’t pay well to continue to offer your services when you should be scaling later on in your writing career. But for beginners, it’s a viable option.


    Great list of sites. I have just started taking my Freelance writing seriously and have sorted out my LinkedIn summary. I am saving this to start looking for work on each site. Most often though they want writers from the U.S., Canada or U.K. The assumption is that if you’re from anywhere else you’re not a ‘native’ English speaker. But, I am going to try anyway.

  3. I usually struggle to find such sites.But thanks to this amazing list it is a lot easy for me now thanks for sharing…

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  6. What great resources – thank you! I hadn’t heard of some of these before but I’ll be checking them out!

  7. Great article. Finding work can be tough – and time-consuming. Many sites are targeted at the US market too. That’s why we have developed GigLeads to cut down search time and help UK BASED writers and freelancers find meaningful work. Tons of features, like FREE sign up, daily job updates, email alerts, FREE profiles for members, and FREE job postings for those looking to hire writers and content creators!

    1. Heather Ritchie

      Thanks and gigleads sounds like it saves tons of time and has some really great features!

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